Short biography Rasmus Helt

Born in Hamburg in a year, when the German national team played the best football in the opinion of many experts (not 2006 & 2014).

Grown up in a small village in the north of Hamburg where in those days also lived a famous comedian called Mike Krüger with his great and visionary TV-Show "Vier gegen Willy".

Thereafter going to school and emigrating to other cities for work & studies like Potsdam and Hamburg.

Now living on two islands. In vacation in Fuerteventura and the rest of the year at a melting pot of immigrants in Hamburg-Veddel.

Some hobbies:
- on rainy days coding or reading historical books.
- on sunny days going to the beach
- on boring days playing football & running around lake Alster

Other features:
By reason of feeling European I am also used to speak Englisch, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish and German and I can understand Latin.

I'm a left handed person.These individuals are said to be creative, but much complicated ;-).